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Date: November 6, 2019


Time: 8:15 a.m. - 3:00p.m.


Place: Homewood Church of Christ 


265 West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL 35209

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What others are saying....

"To say I enjoyed the conference today is an understatement! I was bombarded with knowledge and tidbits to assist my students to improve behavior and access the curriculum. I was very impressed with the fundamentals of Special Education Law. Leslie Allen was phenomenal! Sarah from UAB Sparks was amazing! As special education teachers we get so wrapped up in the behaviors we see on the surface forgetting the function or triggers that cause the behaviors. Laura Cole was inspiring! Her reminder of getting in the Awe-tism world and take the small steps to help bridge communication is core to improving language skills in all students.
I have saved the best for last, Dustin. I am amazed by his story and his dedication to changing the lives of others, heartwarming! I am not a sky diver yet but I am inspired to take risks.
I have called and emailed several other teachers and next year hope to represent (our) County Schools well at the conference!" Huntsville Conference, 2019


KEYNOTE:   Anna McConnell

"Autism in Alabama"

Ruth Ann McGarty & Brooke McGill

"Social Stories 101"

This presentation is an introduction to social stories. They will be covering the following topics:  key components, benefits, therapy suggestions, and resources. The goal of the presentation is to provide participants with the basic knowledge in writing and implementing this technique.

Ruth Ann McCarty

Brooke McGill

Ashley Perry Cawley

The ABCs of EBPs. Overview of Evidence-Based Practices for individuals with Autism and Developmental Disorders. (2 part session)

Presenting a comprehensive description of the current 27 evidence-based strategies (EBS) identified for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in order to better support and instruct those individuals (based on findings from the National Autism Professional Development Center on ASD and National Standards Support). Access to free training also provided.

Jerimie Goike

"Autism from a Personal Perspective- A Story of Beating the Odds and Winning"

Jerimie will be sharing a story of living with Autism and overcoming its challenges. He will also share how the benefits of early diagnosis and early intervention play a huge role in overcoming many of the challenges faced when diagnosed with Autism.

Joe Ackerson, Ph.D. Pediatric Neuropsychologist

"Neurodevelopment and Behavioral Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorders" 

Understanding the unique brain development alterations seen in individuals with ASD can inform the design of behavioral treatments designed to improve their adaptive functioning. Dr. Ackerson will cover this scientific-based presentation in a user-friendly format.

Sarah Ryan, Ph.D.

"Unique Aspects of Working with Adults with ASD"

This presentation will impart the unique characteristics of adults with ASD and how to adapt supports for this population.  She will also discuss various considerations regarding community participation and access to resources that often change as these individuals transition from high school to adulthood.

Lauren Graham, BCBA, LBA  & Rachel Mills

"Capturing the Motivation to Communicate"

Lauren and Rachel will offer techniques to help foster communication by motivation and selecting the most appropriate.

Megan Davis, Ph.D.

"The College Transition for Individuals with ASD"

This presentation will discuss the differences in academic accommodations and support services between high school and college students as well as the parents’ role in the process. Strategies will also be presented to help individuals with ASD make a smooth transition to college life.

Dr. Whitney Wayne Meade

“Understanding Data Collection and Your Child’s IEP”

This session will introduce the various methods of data collection and how data should be used to facilitate the development of effective IEPs.

Shonnie and Mike Wilson

"Autism in the Workplace"

This husband and wife team will discuss how hiring people on the spectrum has changed their business. They will also present ideas about what can be done for those on the spectrum to enter the workplace.

Anne Walker, M.S. OTR/L ,  Rebecca Weldon, M.S. OTR/L  & Marie Logan, M.S OTR/L

“Sensory Integration”

This presentation will define areas of sensory integration and offer techniques to utilize in the classrooms and home settings.

Anne Walker

Rebecca Weldon

Marie Logan

Ashley Watkins, M.Ed., RBT
"Naturalistic Teaching and Response Training"
This presentation will cover naturalistic teaching and response training strategies for students with ASD. (Will include demonstrations)
Sheena Gordan, M.A. Ed., Certified Autism Specialist & Lauren Smith, M.A.Ed., RBT
"Creating a Successful Learning Environment"
Presenters will provide real-life, in the trenches advice, ideas and techniques to help educators create a  successful learning environment for students with Autism in any school setting. 

Sheena Gordan

Lauren Smith

Stephanie Corcoran, Ph. D., NCSP
"Assessment Tools for Evaluation of Children with Autism Spectrum disorder in School-Based Practice"
Dr. Corcoran will present various assessment tools, including the ADOS-2, Autism Rating Scale, etc.


   Bama Hager
   Cindy Nelson
   Anna McConnell
1:55- 2:55 p.m.
   Stephanie Corcoran
   Asley Cawley
   Lauren Graham & Rachel Mills
   Whitney Meade
   Joe Ackerson (Part 1)
   Anne Walker, Rebecca Weldon &
      Marie Logan
   Shonnie and Mike Wilson
   Joe Ackerson (Part 2)
   Jerimie Goike
   Megan Davis
   Ashley Watkins
11:15- 12:15 p.m.
   Sarah Ryan
   Ashley Cawley
   Ruth Ann McGarty & Brooke           McGill
   Sheena Gordon & Lauren Smith

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